Biweekly Book Recommendation #2 – Looking For Alaska

Looking For Alaska by John Green I believe is another really enlightening book for teens to read. Just like The Perks of Being a Wallflower–the book I recommended last week–it touches on some hard topics for kids and teens to understand and ready themselves for. In this one, it talks about coping with loss. It shows the five stages of grief in a raw, unembellished storytelling of a few boarding school students who were just beginning their semester.

I personally think I was a bit young when I first read this book; I was in the 8th grade. I was able to understand and process this book better than some of the other children in my class, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I should’ve tested if I could. I love the book, but I think it was one of the first things I’d read that were outside my age group that made me want to grow up way too fast. If I could go back, I would quickly tell myself to not read that book until my freshman year of high school. But for most, that’s not the case. Most teens aren’t interested in books like this, but for those of you who are: please don’t read until you’re at least 14-15 years old. I can’t stop you, but you might accidentally leave the book sitting out where your parents can see it and read a couple of pages which just so happens to be one of the few sex scenes in the book and then get it taken away and be grounded for it like me. So I’m just warning you now. It’s not very graphic, but parents will still not like it.

Regardless, it’s still very well written. John Green, the author, did incredibly well with this book, just like the rest of his books. I personally love his books, and will probably be recommending more of his books later on. For those of you older than 14–go pick this up from your closest library, or even borrow it from a friend. Read it, and then come back and comment your thoughts on this book! Can’t wait to hear from you guys!

Happy reading!

Longfellow Black History Assembly 2013 004 is by Mark Coplan’s Berkeley Public School Photos under a CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 license.

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